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I’m usually against ‘welcome’ messages on web sites but seeing as you’ve specifically clicked to learn more about this site and/or its author I feel like I should make you feel at home before you are launched into a bit of background…


This is my little place online to share recipes I’ve invented or adapted and hacks I’ve discovered relating to Baby Led Weaning. I hope you’ll stay a while and take away some piece of useful information or some new recipe ideas.

I also hope you’ll come back often to let me know how things went if you tried a recipe. Do feel free to ask any questions you may have too.

Although I write the blog and do the cooking around here, I really couldn’t do any of it without my little girl and partner. So, the ‘team’ behind this blog is really:

  • Me / Josie / ‘The Feeder’
  • Elsa / The Feedee, and
  • Daddy

Daddy takes Elsa to the shops or out to the park for a couple of hours each Sunday so that the blog or recipes can be worked on in peace! He is also tech support.

I am a soon-to-be-returning-to-work mum. Elsa is currently 10 months old and really would be happy to eat just fruit at every meal. She humours me well though and at least tries everything I make for her before pitching it off the side of the high-chair!

We are big fans of baby led weaning (that is, giving babies solid food that’s of an appropriate size/shape and softness) mainly because it’s fun, but also because we think it’s less messy and less bothersome than purées.

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