Bean and Carrot Pâté

This unlikely combination is a highly versatile freezer staple. Freeze it into cubes and microwave whenever you need a regular purée, toast topper, sandwich filling, or sauce base.

Beans are incredibly nutritious and you would do well to increase their consumption across the whole family. Mum included!

Mix in some chopped spring onions to liven this up for serving to grown-ups or babies over one that appreciate strong flavours. More info on serving onions to babies (new window/tab).

Try it topped with cress and other salad bits to make a ‘garden’ for older children.


200g carrots (3 or 4 med carrots), steamed until tender
Tin of unsalted beans, drained and rinsed (haricot or butter beans are good for this)
Tbl olive oil (or any cold pressed oil)
1/4 tsp white pepper


Blend all ingredients until smooth.