Baby Led Weaning isn’t complicated and doesn’t require any fancy equipment. You could technically use what you already have in your kitchen and feed baby in your lap. We do find that the following items are useful though:

  • A high-chair that’s easy to clean, with a tray attached (as with many baby-led-weaners we’re using the ikea Antilop high chair with tray)
  • A food processor or blender (not essential but can make life easier when making sausages, burgers and cake batters etc.)
  • A wipe clean table cloth for under the high-chair
  • A selection of ice cube trays and muffin pans for easy-freezing portions
  • A shopping list application that the whole family can access (we use ‘Our Groceries‘ online and on our Android devices)
  • A recipe saving and meal planning application to make life a little easier (currently enjoying ‘Pepperplate‘).

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